Design Day

Customer Class & Long Range

The uncertain arrival of peak weather represents a significant risk for energy distribution companies. You are expected to anticipate the timing and magnitude of a major event and support all your customers without a hiccup. 
Marquette Energy Analytics can help you forecast for your design day. We can even provide insight into what peak conditions you should anticipate. Let MEA take the pressure off by helping you prepare for the toughest days of the year. With proper foresight and planning, design days can be anticipated with manageable risk. 

We made our name in short-term forecasting, but our approach to modeling energy use has been applied to customer-class studies and long-range forecasting projects. Our aim is to be the analytical engine that helps energy companies plan for their customers’ future.

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Custom Studies

Our goal is to help you predict business success.

We have the resources to create and execute hyper-individualized custom studies for our customers.

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