Delivered Fuel Forecaster

Know when your customers’ tank is low before they do. Our Natural Gas & Oil Tank Forecaster offers highly accurate advice to reduce late deliveries, over and undersupply estimations, and incurred costs associated with Tank fillups and Distribution. Currently, we estimate over 1000 tanks.  MEA's experience in and passion for short term forecasting allowed us to develop a highly accurate, money-saving tool for the Delivered Oil & Gas Industry.

Contact us to request a demo. We challenge you to run this software against your current solution and see how much insight we can give you.

Where We Come From

When we developed our GasDay software 25 years ago, we changed the way people forecast energy demand for utilities. Since then, we have adapted our techniques to deliver insight and accuracy derived from our quarter-century of practice.  Our heating oil and propane tank forecaster enhances your dependability to help you keep your customers warm. 

How To Implement

To run our software you need past and current oil & gas delivery amounts. Using our technical expertise, we will be able to predict the need for your delivery customers.

Have Pride In Your Accuracy

You can trust our software- give our free demo a run, and see how it runs compared to your current set up.