Natural Gas

Marquette Energy Analytics forecasts gas for over 20% of America. Our accuracy keeps our customers coming back year after year. With our new web platform, accessing forecasts is accurate, efficient, and easy.

We challenge you to run our software against your current forecasting solution, at no charge, to evaluate how accurate MEA technology is. Contact us for your trial.


Our short-term forecasting obsession started here, 25 years ago. In that time, we have modified our model to meet the always-changing ebb-and-flow of natural gas demand and to help suppliers deliver the right amount of gas.

GasDay forecasts 8 days into the future, which allows LDCs the ability to plan a week in advance.


The most detailed of all our forecasts, GasHour predicts Natural Gas Usage by the hour over a four-day period. This forecast focuses on the small variations in data to create an accurate in-depth forecast.

GasHour is often used to track and analyze gas flow in a specific area, and to check storage and balances throughout the day. 


Maximize your long-term forecasting potential using GasMonth/GasYear, a service that uses long-range weather forecasting (both normal and extreme) to predict natural gas usage up to 840 days ahead.  GasMonth and GasYear are often used for hedging, monthly load management, and regulatory filings.


Anomalous Measurement Scene Investigator (MSI) analyzes historical flow data to detect erroneous, missing or suspicious readings in natural gas flow data.

An LDC can use our anomalous readings reports to correct billing errors before they happen, to improve internal data quality, and to avoid unfavorable publicity. MSI is a cost-effective solution for improving the quality of flow data.