The Electric Power Forecaster predicts a region's hourly electricity usage up to 8 days out. Forecasts are accurate and dependable, simplifying the process for electric utilities and saving time and money.  


Our Electric Power Forecaster solution is the newest incarnation of MEA technologies and was created to adapt to the ever-changing energy landscape.  
We challenge you to run our software against your current solution. Contact us to request a free trial.

Rooted In Our Past

When we developed our GasDay software 25 years ago, we changed the way professionals forecast energy demand. Using techniques that have since been refined over time and an approach to modeling derived from our years of practice, we have been able to achieve maximum forecast accuracy. 

Growing Into The Future

Our forecasting service tracks your system’s behavior and adjusts and incorporates trends. Our ability to tune our forecasts to your changing demand sets us apart from our competition.  

Custom Tailored

We take pride in our ability to fit our models to your specific operating area by including tuning parameters, additional weather inputs, and data cleaning.