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Who is Marquette Energy Analytics?

Marquette Energy Analytics specializes in energy demand modeling, forecasting, and analytics. We customize and scale every implementation to fit your company's needs. We are a dedicated team that provides unmatched analysis, insights, customer support, and solutions for all your forecasting needs. 
What started as the GasDay energy demand research lab at Marquette University has grown into the more agile and scalable Marquette Energy Analytics. We have been serving U.S. utilities and refining our methods for over 25 years. 
Our short-term forecast solutions never take a day off. Request a no-fee demo and try us out


Meet The Team

Thomas Quinn


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CEO Tom Quinn has led the transformation of GasDay to MEA. His skill set-- a computer science background paired with business savvy-- allows Tom to push MEA forward into the future.


Dr. Ronald Brown

Chief Science Officer

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Dr. Brown is the founder of MEA and uses his academic knowledge and 26 years of Utility experience to lead MEA teams. In the office, he resides as the Chief Science Officer and ensures every development in MEA products meets his exceptional standard.

Dr. George Corliss

Senior Scientist

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Dr. Corliss excels at developing the framework for custom studies in MEA. Examples of his work are our Heating Oil Forecaster and Measurement Scene Investigator.

Mike Phillips

Director of Sales and Marketing 

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Mike leads our Sales and Marketing team with a focus on understanding and serving our customers. Mike started his career as a Software Engineer and has been in technology sales and marketing for 30 years.

Sarah Graupman

Product Owner

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As Product Owner, Sarah guides the MEA product teams towards a common goal. Her skills in leadership and business intelligence result in the software you see today. 

Greg Merkel

Data Team Leader

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Greg is the Lead Data Analyst at MEA and a recent graduate of Marquette's Computer Engineering Master’s program.  Greg is the mind behind MEA's Electricity Demand Forecasting technology.

Nathan Wilson

Product Software Team Leader

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Nathan is the lead for Marquette Energy Analytics Application Development Team. He uses Agile to constantly iterate and improve upon the successes of our products.